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What are the main aims of the Council producing a policy on Domestic Abuse, Sexual Violence?

The policy has been developed to demonstrate to employees who are experiencing or have experienced Domestic Abuse/Sexual Violence that they will be able to raise the issue with his or her Manager, in the knowledge that the matter will be treated effectively, sympathetically and confidentially.

More information is available in the Domestic Abuse Sexual Violence Policy.

The Council's Domestic Abuse Sexual Violence Policy can be accessed here.


What can the Council do if a Council employee is the one carrying out the domestic violence?

Proven harassment and intimidation of employees by their partner or ex-partner who also works for the Council will be viewed seriously, and may lead to disciplinary action being taken.


Will issues of domestic violence always be treated in confidence?

Confidentiality is an express part of the policy and will be guaranteed except in circumstances when child protection issues are raised, for instance, if an employee gives information that suggests that their child or another child is at risk from abuse (whether physical, emotional, sexual or neglect).  In these circumstances, the manager should inform the employee that s/he would be referring the matter to the appropriate Head of Service and the Director of Human Resources.