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My HR Knowledge Bank

Welcome to My HR Knowledge Bank.  You will find frequently asked questions on all current HR Policies and procedures, links to all policies, useful forms, guidelines and toolkits.

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What is My HR Knowledge Bank?

My HR Knowledge Bank is a bespoke site that hosts all RCT Council’s current HR policies and procedures.  The site has been designed to support managers and employees by providing answers to Frequently Asked Questions and providing links to the relevant policies, forms and so on.  The intention is to minimise the amount of time managers and employees spend searching through the policies to find the answers they need.


What is My Learning Zone?

My Learning Zone is designed to provide you with access to a range of on-line courses, legal updates, development tools and techniques.  These will assist in supporting face-to-face training events and give you instant access to a range of e-Learning opportunities.


What is My Performance?

The My Performance site is still under construction.  The site will support the Council’s approach to Managing People and Their Performance and will support the best practice guidance set out by the Council.


What is the difference between a course and a program?

A course differs from a program as a course contains one individual topic, a program can contain more than one course and does not always only involve a piece of e-Learning but can also contain face to face training.

A program can only be completed when all courses in that program have been fully worked through.


What is the purpose of the Evaluation Form?

The Evaluation Form is an important part of providing us with your feedback, both on using the My Learning Zone site as well as the e-Learning course content.  Please spend some time completing the form, your feedback is valued and will help us to improve future courses.


What is The RCT Source?

The RCT Source is a web based system that can be accessed at home or at work and is designed to support all staff in finding key information relating to their work.


What is the Topic Outline?

The topic outline provides you with all the information relevant to that course.  This will typically include: an e-Learning module; a section for Further Reading or Additional Resources; and an Evaluation Form.

To ensure you are registered as having completed a course, you must complete all e-Learning modules set up within the topic outline.  If there is only one module, then you will only need to complete that piece of e-Learning to have completed the course.


Who do I contact if I can’t get into the website, or if I’ve forgotten my password?

You should contact TheSource@rctcbc.gov.uk


Why do The RCT Source pages not fit my screen?

If you are using a lower resolution screen display or a larger font, you may find the e-Learning course does not fit onto your page.  In which case, be aware that on some pages you may have to scroll up and down to ensure you see all the information. You may also change your screen resolution for the purposes of completing the e-Learning modules.  Contact the IT Helpdesk on 01443 425080 for help in changing your screen resolution.

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