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My HR Knowledge Bank

Welcome to My HR Knowledge Bank.  You will find frequently asked questions on all current HR Policies and procedures, links to all policies, useful forms, guidelines and toolkits.

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Can I access The RCT Source from home?

Yes, The RCT Source can be accessed from home or any other place where you have access to the internet.  So for example, you could access the RCT Source at a café on your tablet if you could access their wi-fi signal.


Can I print out the pages of an e-Learning module?

We recommend that you don’t print out the pages of entire modules as this can only be done on a page by page basis.  All courses are available to return to at anytime by logging in with your username and password.


Do I need my Manager’s permission before starting a course?

You should be having regular discussions with your Manager about training, learning and development opportunities.  Where you and your Manager identify e-Learning courses that will support your development, you should agree a suitable time to do this learning with your Manager and book it in your diary.

Where you are interested in a particular topic but it does not directly relate to your role, you will need to complete this e-Learning in your own time.  You could either sign out during the working day to do this, if your Manager agrees, or you can do this outside of your working day either at your workplace, at home, or at the local library.


Do I need to do any preparation before starting a course?

Before staring any course you should make sure you have a clear space in your diary and you will not be disturbed.  You should also check the course length and ensure you have adequate time available.



How do I access a course?

Once you have logged in you will need to chose the 'My Learning Zone' section and then you can choose one of the key development areas – Managing Information and Technology,  Equality and Diversity; Health, Safety and Wellbeing; People Management; Leadership and Management Development; Core Skills Development and IT Skills Development. Then click on the course of your choice.

Or, you can hover on the tab Find Courses at the top of the page, click on Courses, then View all Courses and then click on the course you would like to access.


How do I enable pop ups?

To access the modules in My Learning Zone, you will need to enable pop-ups. 

If you have not already done so, go to the Browser menu bar and click Tools, scroll down to Pop-up Blocker and select Pop-up Blocker Settings. Type in rct.learningpool.com and press Add, then press Close to return to your course.


How should I go about choosing a course?

Usually you should discuss the courses that will most benefit your personal development and those that meet your performance management objectives with your Line Manager.  Some courses are designed as quick refreshers or as a point of reference.  You may wish to browse through all the courses on offer by going to the Find Courses tab, clicking on Courses and then View all courses


What happens if I fail a course?

Should you not achieve the required score for a test or quiz which is set, you will be asked to repeat it automatically.


What if I want to stop working through a course and return to it later?

One of the features of the My Learning Zone site is that you can revisit a course as many times as you like in order to complete it.  However, we recommend most courses should be completed in two sessions.  To exit a course at any time, click on Menu, located in the bottom left corner of every page, which will take you back to the Topic Outline page.  Click on X in the top right hand corner of the page to leave the course and return to the Topic Outline page. Your course progress will be saved and will be available the next time you log in.


What is e-Learning?

e-Learning is the name given to training courses that are accessed electronically.  The courses are typically delivered from a website which you log in to.  For all RCT employees this website is The RCT Source.  Because the website is accessed via the Internet it can be accessed at any time.

 e-Learning courses are not intended to replace the existing classroom training you receive, but enhance the opportunities available to you.  There may be times when you need to quickly refresh your memory about a topic or only have a couple of queries which do not require you to attend a full training session or there may be mandatory courses you are required to complete within a set time frame.

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