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Can an employee who is not performing to the required standard during their period of probation be terminated from employment?

Yes, employment may be terminated at any time during the probationary period. This may be because of misconduct, poor performance, unsatisfactory attendance or where it is evident that the required standard will not be met by the end of the probationary period.

Advice should be sought from Human Resources on the agreed process to be followed before terminating an employee during the probationary period.


Do all employees have an induction?

Yes, all employees are required to undertake both a local induction and attend a "Corporate Welcome". This includes those who have transferred into new roles.


Do all new employees have to attend the Corporate Welcome?

Yes, as it gives information about the Council as a whole rather than just the specific area that employees work in.


Do employees have to serve a probationary period if they have previously worked for another Council?

Yes, all new entrants are contractually subject to a standard period of probation of up to six months. The Probation Policy does not apply to existing employees transferring to different roles within the Council, but does apply to employees coming from other organisations, including other councils and public sector bodies.


Does a period of sickness absence during a probationary period affect the probationary end date?

For any period or periods of sickness absence or unpaid leave amounting to 2 weeks or more falling during the probationary period, the probationary period may be extended by at least the length of time of absence to allow for further monitoring and reviewing of performance to take place.


Does the final review meeting need to take place before the probationary period end date?

Yes, it is important that this meeting takes place on or shortly before the date at which their probationary period comes to an end. If the meeting does not take place by this date, their appointment will, technically, be confirmed by default.


For how long can a probationary period be extended?

Probationary periods should not be extended by any more than a further three month period (up to a maximum nine month probationary period).


How do I get onto a Corporate Welcome?

Human Resources will contact you with the first available dates. If you cannot attend, Human Resources will add you to the next available session.


How long does a probationary period last?

A probationary period will usually end within six months, though in some cases they are extended beyond this.


How long is the induction period?

The mandatory section in the Induction Checklist should be completed within one week. The Additional Guidance section should be completed within the first month. The Corporate Welcome should be attended within the first six months of employment.

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