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Are Trade Union representatives entitled to time off for Trade Union duties?

If they are accredited representatives of a recognised trade union they will be allowed time off with pay during working hours to carry out official trade union duties.

Employees requiring time off must provide adequate notice to allow sufficient time for management to make alternative arrangements. A record of time off must be maintained by the line manager.

No payment will be made if trade union duties are undertaken at times when the employee would not normally be required to work.


Can Trade Union membership fees be deducted from my salary?

Some of the recognised Trade Unions have arrangements in place with the Council for membership fees to be deducted from salary.

Please contact your chosen Trade Union to determine the most appropriate method of payment for you.


Do employees have to join a Trade Union?

No. Employees have the right to choose whether to join or not.


What Trade Unions do the Council recognise?

The following Trade Unions are recognised by the Council:

UNISON - 01443 400401 www.unison.org.uk

GMB - 01443 491959 www.gmb.org.uk

UNITE - 020 7611 2500 www.unitetheunion.org

UCATT - 029 2049 8664 www.ucatt.org.uk

COMMUNITY UNION - 02920 668800 www.community-tu.org

NUT - 02920 491818 www.teachers.org.uk

NASUWT - 029 2054 6080 www.nasuwt.org.uk

ATL - 029 2046 5000 www.atl.org.uk

ASCL - 0116 2991122 www.ascl.org.uk

UCAC - 01970 639950 www.athrawon.com

NAHT - 029 20484546 www.naht.org.uk