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How can a grievance be submitted against an employee's manager?

In this instance the complaint should be made to the immediate manager above as identified in the Grievance Policy in certain circumstances this may be the Service Manager or Head of Service/Service Director.

The Council's Grievance Policy can be accessed here.


How is a grievance submitted if someone feels bullied by a colleague?

A complaint should be submitted under the Dignity at Work Policy which is designed to deal with issues of bullying and harassment.

The Council's Dignity at Work Policy can be accessed here.


I have been asked to provide a statement in relation to a grievance matter raised by my colleague against our manager. Will my manager see my statement?

The information you provide would be used by the independent Chief Officer to determine if further action was required. It would only be shared with all parties if the complaint was upheld and referred for disciplinary action.


What happens when a grievance is submitted?

The grievance will be dealt with in the appropriate way following the Grievance Policy ideally it will be dealt with informally by the manager.

The Council's Grievance Policy can be accessed here.


What is a grievance?

An employee may at some time have problems or concerns with their work or working conditions that they wish to raise with management. They want the concern to be addressed, and if possible, resolved. It is also clearly in the Council's interest to resolve problems before they develop into major difficulties.

Grievances are best dealt with at an early stage, informally, with the immediate line manager but the Council has a Grievance Policy which can be followed if required.

The Council's Grievance Policy can be accessed here.


What is the difference between Grievance and Dignity at Work?

The Dignity at Work Policy has been created to deal with matters of bullying and/or harassment where an employee perceives that they (or their colleague/s) have been subject to bullying or harassment in the workplace.

The Grievance Policy will be used to deal with all other types of complaint.

The Council's Dignity at Work and Grievance policies can be accessed here.


Will I be expected to continue working with the person I made a complaint against, whilst the investigation is ongoing?

Yes, all parties involved should remain professional whilst the matter is ongoing.