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Welcome to My HR Knowledge Bank.  You will find frequently asked questions on all current HR Policies and procedures, links to all policies, useful forms, guidelines and toolkits.

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Can a member of the Reserve Forces have time off for training?

Yes the Council is committed to granting additional paid leave of two weeks per year to Reservists specifically to enable them to attend their annual camp.

Also, Additional unpaid leave or annual leave from the employee’s normal annual allocation of up to 5 days will be granted for short periods of training provided adequate notice is given and where such training cannot be undertaken in off-duty time. Attendance at weekend training which cannot be undertaken during off-duty will be subject to the same arrangements.


Can I have special leave to care for my husband after his operation?

No there is no provision for special leave. You would be required to use annual leave or request unpaid leave if your annual leave had already been used, as this was a planned operation as per the Leave of Absence Policy.

The Council's Leave of Absense Policy can be accessed here.


Can parental leave be taken at any time?

This unpaid parental leave cannot be taken in odd days - it must be taken in a block of at least 1 week and not more than 4 weeks at a time. The 18 weeks can be taken over a 18 year period (not each year).

The child's birth certificate/adoption papers/proof of surrogacy will need to be provided at the time of application.


Can parental leave be used to take a child to the dentist or GP?

No, annual leave/flexi/TOIL would need to be used or the appointment should be arranged outside your normal working hours as per the Leave of Absence Policy.

The Council's Leave of Absense Policy can be accessed here.


Does the Council have a policy on Reserve Forces?

Yes The Reserve Forces Training and Mobilisation Policy can be found in the policies section, there are also managers guidelines which can be found in the guidelines section.


How does an employee apply for emergency leave?

The employee must notify their manager of the circumstances as they occur.

The manager will initially record the absence as annual leave if the employee has enough balance, and the appropriate form should be completed when they return to work.

The manager will need to endorse the application and the Chief Officer will then decide whether the circumstances fall within the Leave of Absence Policy and the employee will be informed of this.

If emergency leave is granted the annual leave record will be amended.

The Council's Leave of Absence Request Form can be accessed here.

The Council's Leave of Absense Policy can be accessed here.



How many days emergency leave is an employee entitled to and over how long?

A maximum of 5 days emergency leave is allowed in any rolling 12 month period (that is measured from the time of your first request).

The 5 days entitlement is for full time employees. If an employee works part time the entitlement will be calculated to reflect the working hours e.g. if someone worked 2 days a week they would be entitled to a maximum of 2 days per year as per the Leave of Absence Policy.

The Council's Leave of Absence Policy can be accessed here.


I am a polling clerk for Rhondda Cynon Taf; I worked the full day for the elections, do I get the day after off without taking leave?

No, if you wanted the day off following election duties you should use annual leave, flexi or TOIL.

However you may be allowed the following day off as an authorised absence if you took part in the late night count. You should seek clarification from your manager.


I have booked annual leave in the school summer holidays but don't want to use up all of my leave so early in the year, can I take some unpaid leave instead?

Unpaid leave should only be taken when annual leave has been exhausted. If you need to take time off after you have used all your annual leave an application can be made to the Service Director who may consider unpaid leave.

You should discuss your concerns with your manager at the earliest opportunity as there is no guarantee your request will be granted.


If an employee is called away from work by their child's teacher to deal with a problem, is emergency leave applicable?

Yes, as there has not been time to make other arrangements as per the Leave of Absence Policy.

The Council's Leave of Absense Policy can be accessed here.

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