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Am I entitled to paternity or maternity support leave if I am adopting?

As long as you meet the criteria outlined in the Ordinary and Additional Paternity Leave Policy and the Maternity Support Leave Policy.

You should request the leave once you have been matched and it can start within 56 days of the child being placed with you.

Both Council policies mentioned can be accessed here.


Can annual leave be carried over into the new leave year if someone is off on maternity leave?

Yes, but most of the annual leave should be used before maternity leave starts, in agreement with the manager. Any leave carried over must be taken within the next relevant leave year.


How are Keeping In Touch (KIT) days recorded?

An email will be required from the manager to Human Resources stating the dates and exact hours worked. Human Resources will inform Payroll by updating Vision and Payroll will make the necessary payment.


How can I apply for additional paternity leave?

You must give 8 weeks notice of your intention to take additional paternity leave, and to inform your manager of the following:

  • Your intended start and end date of additional paternity leave
  • The date the child was born
  • A signed statement confirming that the purpose of the additional paternity leave and statutory paternity pay period is to care for the child and that you satisfy the relationship eligibility conditions for additional paternity leave and pay

At the same time, the mother must submit a written and signed declaration stating verifiable information such as name, employer, NI number and dates of leave taken and statements relating to her entitlement to leave.

The Council will formally respond in writing to your notification of additional paternity leave plans within 28 days, confirming the relevant start and end dates of additional paternity leave and pay.

Full details can be found in the Council's Ordinary and Additional Paternity Leave Policy and the Maternity Support Leave Policy which can be accessed here.


How do I qualify for maternity support leave?

To qualify for Maternity Support Leave you must be the child’s father, adoptive father or intended parent (in the case of surrogacy), the partner of the expectant mother or the nominated carer.


How is pension affected by maternity leave?

Under the Local Government Pension Scheme Regulations 1995, pension contributions are payable for the first 39 weeks on the remuneration and Statutory Maternity Pay actually received during the period of the paid maternity absence.

If the employee opts to take a period of unpaid maternity leave, they must determine whether they wish to pay pension contributions on the unpaid maternity leave period.

Outstanding pension contributions can be deducted from pay upon return to work.

Further information is available from the Pension Section on 01443 680611, email pensions@rhondda-cynon-taf.gov.uk or the website at www.rctpensions.org.uk.


How much maternity support leave am I entitled to?

One week at full pay as long as you meet the criteria in the Ordinary and Additional Paternity Leave Policy and the Maternity Support Leave Policy.

Both Council policies mentioned can be accessed here.


How much notice is needed to return to work from maternity leave?

It is assumed that the full 52 weeks will be used from the time the maternity leave starts, 8 weeks notice is needed to return before this time.


How much notice needs to be given to take paternity or maternity support leave?

You should submit your application form included in the Ordinary and Additional Paternity Leave Policy and the Maternity Support Leave Policy to your manager within 28 days of your intention to take the leave.

Both Council policies mentioned can be accessed here.


How soon should I let my manager know that I want paternity or maternity support leave because I am adopting?

Within 7 days of being informed that you have been matched with a child.

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