• Aims and Objectives

    Course context

    Have you ever wondered what makes you, you?

    The psychologist Erik Erikson proposed a theory of emotional development that has become very influential. You are invited to learn about Erikson’s principles and apply them to your own life journey for the purpose of enhancing emotional self-awareness and personal growth. The sessions are structured around John Bradshaw’s series of lectures about Erikson’s work.

    Course objectives 

    After each session, participants will have had an

    opportunity to:

    • Learn about Erikson’s 8 stages of man (alongside parallel stages

    identified by Sigmund Freud and Jean Piaget).

    • Reflect inwardly about how psycho-social development impacts a

    person’s life journey.

    • Learn about the power of communication on self and others.

    • Learn some techniques to improve and enhance quality of life –

    reflection, reframing and active use of ‘I’ statements.

    • Eight Stages of Man - Training Sessions