• Aims and Objectives


    Refresh First aid at Work training  to the social care work force. at a standard that has been set by HSE


    By the end of the course the learner  have refreshed their knowledge and will be able to….

    Explain and demonstrate the correct techniques to administer adult rescue breathing to a casualty who is unconscious and not breathing when alone or with a bystander. 

    Explain and demonstrate the correct techniques to administer cardio pulmonary resuscitation CPR to a casualty who is unconscious, not breathing and has no circulation when you are alone or with a bystander.

    Safe use of auto defibrillator

    Explain and demonstrate the control of bleeding on a casualty who has a wound to a part of the body when you are on your own or with a bystander

    Signs and symptoms of  a choking casualty and treatment

    Be able to deal with other common illnesses and injuries including: 





    Fractures and lacerations

    Dealing with casualty with anaphylactic shock

    Undertake assessed practical exercises to demonstrate their learning

    Undertake a basic practical test of knowledge.

    On successful completion of the training receive a basic first aid certificate to confirm competence, on successful completion of the course.


    • First Aid Requalification -Training Sessions