• Aims & Objectives

    This course is accessible to all Cwm Taf Learning Disability Services - LA & Partner Agencies. It is targeted at anyone who has completed an introductory course and those who have 'hands on' experience in working with individuals on the autism spectrum. 


          This course introduces participants to established approaches that have proven valuable when supporting an individual with autism. The course will help to understand the problems facing the person with autism and will guide participants on how to develop practical skills and ideas to assist in supporting individuals.  Areas covered:

    •           Developing communication and social skills .

    •           The importance of structure and routine.

    •           Addressing sensory differences.

    •           Inflexibility of thought and ways to help.

                 On completion of this course learners will:

    •           Gain an insight into their own experiences and practices with individuals on the autism spectrum.

    •           Develop the ability to focus on the difficulties the person is experiencing rather than the problems they are presenting.

    •           The ability to implement and evaluate techniques in various situations.

    •           Understand the function of certain behaviours.

    •           Develop positive plans for action.

    • ASD Level 2 - Training Sessions