• Conference calls continue to be a great alternative to an in-person meeting. With the evolving workplace, back-to-back meetings and endless tasks on the to do list, it’s often difficult to get everyone in one room for a meeting.

    Conference calls help employees stay agile to last minute changes and commitments. But as there are certain tendencies and etiquette that we try to stick to in the office and in meetings, it doesn’t mean that for a conference call these all get thrown out the window. Like any meeting, there’s etiquette that you try to stick to, to help you run a polite, effective and pleasant call.

    Conference call etiquette is often assumed but not often spoken about, so before you get on the nerves of your participants, make sure you take a look at our conference call etiquette essentials, because for all you know, you could’ve already been bugging them the whole time!

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