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    Notification and Certification

    According to the NHS choices "The characteristics of work - activity, social interaction, identity and status - are proven to be beneficial for our physical and mental health.  People with health conditions, such as back pain, stress and depression and high blood pressure find that getting back to work is often the best way to recover".

    Maintaining regular contact during an employee's absence is critical in supporting the employee to remain engaged in the workforce and enabling a return to work.  Maintaining contact can avoid barriers to returning to work developing and the earlier support or health interventions can be provided, the better the outcomes for the employee.

    Notification and Certification is one of several guides that have been designed to provide practical advice and guidance to managers and employees around Managing Attendance.  Each guide supports the Council's Absence Management Policy by answering the most common questions that both managers and employees have about their own sickness absence, and managing the absence of others.