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    Reasonable Adjustments, Workplace Adjustments and Rehabilitation

    The Reasonable Adjustments, Workplace Adjustments and Rehabilitation guide is one of several guides that have been designed to provide practical advice and guidance to managers and employees around Managing Attendance.  Each guide supports the Council's Absence Management Policy by answering the most common questions that both managers and employees have about their own sickness absence, and managing the absence of others.

    The Council wishes to create and support a healthy and efficient working environment for our employees, not only through its obligations to comply with legislation, but also through a caring, supportive and rehabilitative approach towards the management of sickness absence and providing workplace adjustments.

    Disabled people are protected against discrimination at work by the Equality Act 2010.  The law also requires employers to make reasonable adjustments for disabled employees.  This means removing barriers wherever possible that get in the way of a disabled person doing their job.

    Many employees may not tell you about their disability.  This could be because they don't consider themselves disabled or they are worried about any reactions or they may also just wish it to remain private.  It is important you create a working culture where disability and an employee's wellbeing can be discussed.

    The guide focuses on three areas of supporting employees - reasonable adjustments due to a disability, workplace adjustments due to sickness absence and rehabilitation due to a sickness absence.