Working with my Manager


The Council values the contribution made by its employees and recognises that high levels of attendance at work are a vital factor in the efficient operation of the Council's services.  With this in mind, the Council aims to provide a supportive and inclusive working environment that encourages all employees to manage their health and wellbeing and maintain their attendance at work.

Every Council employee has responsibilities when it comes to communicating with and working alongside their manager when they are off work due to a sickness absence.

To ensure that all employees are aware of their responsibilities, the Council has developed a series of e-Learning modules.

Within 'Working with my Manager' you will find 2 e-Learning modules:

  • Returning to Work for Employees
  • Reasonable Adjustments, Workplace Adjustments and Rehabilitation; Advice for Employees

Supplementary information is also available in the form of Manager and Employee Guides to answer frequently asked questions and provide more detail.

Further e-Learning modules to support employees with sickness absence can be found in the 'Reporting and Communicating' and the 'Managing My Health and Wellbeing' sections.