Maximising Attendance Manager's Induction

The Council values the contribution made by its employees and recognises that high levels of attendance at work are a vital factor in the efficient operation of the Council's services.  With this in mind, the Council aims to provide a supportive and inclusive working environment that encourages all employees to manage their health and wellbeing and maintain their attendance at work.

The role of the manager/supervisor is pivotal to successful attendance management, and every manager has a responsibility to implement and communicate the Council's approach to Maximising Attendance, which includes:

  • Understanding and adhering to the Sickness Absence Policy and procedures
  • Recognising the range of areas that fall under Maximising Attendance
  • Ensuring all employees are treated in a consistent, fair, sympathetic and equitable manner
  • Keeping recording systems, such as Vision, up-to-date with the most recent sickness absence data on a timely basis
  • Maintaining an awareness of the role of the Occupational Health and Wellbeing Unit, including services provided
  • Informing employees of their responsibilities with regards to Sickness Absence

To ensure that all managers are equipped to manage attendance effectively and consistently, the Council has developed a manager's induction programme.  This is a mandatory programme containing a number of e-Learning modules that provide managers with information and guidance around Maximising Attendance to ensure all sickness absence is recorded and managed in a consistent way.  Each module contains an assessment and managers must achieve a pass in the assessment before the module is marked as being complete. 

The modules that form the Manager Induction programme are detailed below.  Please note that the programme will not show as complete on your learning record until all modules, assessments and evaluation forms have been completed. 

Supplementary information is also available to managers in the form of Manager Guides to answer frequently asked questions, reinforce and develop the skills and knowledge necessary to manage attendance and take managers step-by-step through the processes.